Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Writing Rules using Haley's new Hosted Web Service

I was quoted in this press release from Haley:

Haley Introduces Industry's First Business Rules Authoring Environment As a Hosted Web Service. Haley's New SOA-based Business Rules Web Service, Combined with Its JSR-94 Industry Standard Support and KML, Helps to Advance Rule Server Independence.

Rule server independence from the authoring environment is something I blogged about earlier. Haley is introducing their new KML (knowledge management language) and HRML (Haley Rule Markup Language), along with support for tabular rules (aka decision tables). HRML is Haley's proposed XML-based standard for defining rules. Haley also plans to support OWL, Web Ontology Language from W3C, and JSR-94, a new standard for Java runtime API for BREs.

If you've heard me speak at a conference or read earlier blogs, you know that I've always said there are only three ways to write rules for SMEs and business people: words (textual rules), pictures (decision trees), and charts (decision tables). Rule engine tools like Haley Authority that support decision tables make it easier for business people to write rules.