Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Business blogging in 2006

Sandy Kemsley at column 2 has a great story on how blogging enables niche consulting firms who get "IT" to compete on the same playing field as the large systems integrators.


Sandy says "I don't do any sort of traditional advertising, and rely primarily on personal contact and word of mouth for new business. This blog is a way of extending that word of mouth (or "word of blog") by putting my ideas and opinions online; not exactly an online portfolio, but a way for anyone out there who's interested in working with me to learn a bit more about how I think."

She goes on to say that people blog, not companies. There probably are corporate blogs out there, written by the "corporation", but who wants to read that? That's what the corporate website is for. The blog is one more tool in your kit.

For me, the business blog is a great way to keep up (and stay ahead!) with the ever-changing Business Rules market. It's also a great way to publish my ideas instantly. And if you subscribe to my RSS feed, my blog comes to you with no effort on your part.

If you sell ideas in our knowledge-based world, you need to blog.