Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Adding categories to the blog using the new Blogger

I converted to the new version of Blogger so I can finally add categories or labels to each post. Just noticed that as I add labels to old posts, they may show up as "new" items in your RSS feed or news reader. Sorry about that!

A lot of the new features in Blogger such as layouts are still not activated, and as a result I can't add the list of labels or categories to the layout. If anyone knows why layouts may not work, please reach out and point me in the right direction!

So, the bottom line: The answer is... this blog is still a work in progress. I'll keep improving the layout, labeling the old posts, and writing new posts. If you have suggestions, questions or topics for the blog, let me know.


PS - The labels or categories so far include:
Analyst BestPractice Blog CEO Challenges Conferences FAQ FIC Haley IBM ILOG InRule Knowledge Mergers Mistakes MSFT Obstacles Pega Personal Predictions RETE ROI SME SOX



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