Sunday, February 25, 2007

The BIZRULES Blog has moved to a new address

I finally made the switch from Blogger to Movable Type.

From now on I will be posting to the new blog All the old blog entries have been imported into the new blog. Most of the comments have been imported as well.

Hopefully your feeds will move over automatically, but if they don't you will find the usual feed sign up links on the bottom right of the new blog.

So this is the last entry I will post on I'll keep this blog around with all the old entries, so any links to it should continue to work.

Why the switch?

I finally outgrew Blogger. The new version of Blogger was a big improvement, but it was just not good enough.

Blogger recently added categories along with a really nice layouts feature to help you design your blog layout. But layouts does not work unless you let Blogger host your blog. Since I want to host my blog on the domain, I finally outgrew Blogger and decided to use something else.

There's a lot of good info out there to help you export your posts from Blogger and import them into Movable Type. Here are some links I found useful:



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