Saturday, October 21, 2006

Practices + Procedures = Processes

Great post by Sandy Kemsley on Column 2 with some interesting observations.

First, SunGard has a BPMS product - does anyone know how it compares to BPMS/BRE tools like PegaRULES?

Next, I wonder if companies are getting ROI from exporting business process models from modeling tools into a BPMS for execution. Or are companies more interested in using the modeling tools simply for documentation?

Finally, this was a pretty neat way to define processes:

"I did like Roy's description of practices (determined by experienced specialists) versus procedures (executed by trained workers), and how they combine to make up processes. I also liked his phrase "enterprise technology sprawl", and his discussion of how an unstructured collage of technologies can start to dictate business processes. He made the great point that all compliance initiatives are based on process transparency, and (referencing the Aloha Airlines presentation about how they started modelling their business in order to organization themselves out of bankruptcy) that a near-death experience is a great motivator."


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