Tuesday, July 19, 2005

My Thoughts on the Business Rules Manifesto

I think I finally figured out what my contribution to the Business Rules Manifesto was...

The Business Rules Group, an independent standards group of business and IT professionals, published The Business Rules Manifesto, principles of rule independence in 2002.

I liked the idea and drafted an "article of independence" about the difference between a Business Rule and an IF-THEN Statement. I sent that in, along with other positive feedback, to Ronald G. Ross, who edited the Manifesto. When I ran into Ron later on at one of the rules conferences, he asked if I noticed how my input had made its way into the new version of the Manifesto. At first glance I couldn't tell.

But recently I looked again at Version 2 of the Manifesto and I think I found it. Now, I'm not certain, but I think that my thoughts below helped development of article 6.3:

My comments: "Business Rules derive inferences and arrive at conclusions by reasoning about facts or premises using either deduction or induction... Business rules can explain their reasoning process in order to justify their conclusions, decisions, and recommendations..."

Article 6.3 of the Business Rules Manifesto: "6.3. A business rule system must always be able to explain the reasoning by which it arrives at conclusions or takes action."

Pretty cool - - mystery solved.


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