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Rulebase Repository Design

Repository design is a crucial task. Some BRE vendors recommend designing the application repositories first, then later looking at designing and building the enterprise repositories.

Repository design tasks include:

Folder and hierarchy design

Folder, ruleset, and rule naming conventions

Identifying global rules that should be shared across enterprise applications

Identifying local rules that are only used by one application

Spend time up front designing the rule repository before writing the rules

Best Practice: Spend time up front designing the rule repository before writing the rules

Application business rules are often organized in a hierarchy:

Global rules that apply to all applications and processes would be at the top level.

Rules that apply only within an application would be stored at the application level.

Rules that apply to a specific business process would be stored at the business process level.

Local rules that only apply to a specific rule package would be stored at the lowest level, the rule package level.

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